Why Does Your Spinal Alignment Matter?

Proper spinal alignment is critical for overall health and wellness as it allows the nervous system, which controls all of our body functions, to operate without interference. Could you start by explaining what it means to have your spine aligned?…
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The Myth About Back Cracking

The biggest myth that I know about chiropractic is the myth that the cracking sound when you get adjusted is the sound of the bones actually grinding together. In reality, this is not true. When you hear those pops and…
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Dispelling the Myths About Chiropractic

There are myths about chiropractic care that it is unsafe, expensive and only for adults among other falsehoods. It is important to dispel these myths with facts about the effectiveness, the benefits to overall health for the entire family and…
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Meet Dr. Ben

Chiropractor Dr. Ben Rauch has joined Dr. Scott Gardner and the team at Gardner Family Chiropractic where they provide quality chiropractic care focused on helping the body function at its best. Could you tell us a little about why you…
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Nutrition Affects Joint Health

A healthy diet with foods rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and dark green leafy vegetables will help reduce joint inflammation and improve your joint health. Which nutrient is the most important for joint health, and why? Dr. Scott…
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Ergonomics for Work & Learning

Creating an ergonomically correct workstation or desk for work or learning is important for our overall health and critical to avoiding muscle strains, forward head posture, joint pain and other issues. Could you start by describing what the term ergonomics…
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