Acute and Wellness Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors help people whether they are in pain or are seeking to optimize their health and body function. Acute chiropractic care treats immediate discomfort whereas wellness chiropractic care proactively adjusts the spine to promote overall wellness.

Could you please explain what the term acute chiropractic care means and is this the same as corrective chiropractic care?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Acute chiropractic care could mean a couple of things. It could mean that a person is symptomatic with a chief or primary complaint for receiving care. It could also mean that they’re in the beginning stages or phases of their chiropractic care.

When someone refers to corrective chiropractic care, they’re usually speaking about the phase of care where the frequency and techniques are all about correcting the structure of the spine. So, it doesn’t always mean the same thing, but they’re very similar.

What type of chiropractic care falls under the term wellness chiropractic care?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Chiropractic care, when described as wellness care, is usually care with a goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Generally, this phase of care has come after some sort of corrective care plan to correct those subluxations in the spine. So, generally speaking, wellness care is less frequent than corrective care and the goal is to maintain healthy function.

For ongoing wellness chiropractic care what is a typical appointment schedule and treatment plan like for the average person?

Dr. Ben Rauch: There’s not necessarily a typical appointment schedule or treatment plan for the average person. That’s just because every single person is unique and will need some kind of tailored plan specific for them. Wellness care is individualized for optimal function of the individual.

Could you describe a typical chiropractic evaluation and treatment plan for someone recovering from acute injuries and someone with nagging or chronic pain?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Someone recovering from an acute injury and someone with nagging or chronic pain will have a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation to analyze those subluxations. A care plan will then be developed for the individual based on the degree of those subluxations and if they can be corrected with chiropractic care. Each individual care plan will be based on the severity of those subluxations and how long it will take to be corrected.

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