Chiropractors Alleviate Back Pain Caused by Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries can occur in the body when one joint is getting too much motion. This happens when an area of the body is compensating for another area that may not be moving as well. Repetitive motion injuries also occur when a person makes multiple repetitive motions that could lead to imbalances in the muscles, tendons, ligaments. Most typical symptoms of a repetitive motion injury would be pain, swelling, and possibly stiffness.

An example of a repetitive motion injury caused by one area of the body compensating for another can be in the spine. The lumbar spine is supposed to be very mobile, while the thoracic spine is supposed to be more stable. If we lose motion in our lumbar spine but continue to be very active, we can often feel pain in our thoracic area because that area is working to compensate for the lack of motion in the lumbar spine.

Subluxations in the spine, which can be caused by repetitive motion injuries, can be diagnosed by chiropractors. We can help to alleviate the symptoms of repetitive injuries by removing the subluxations. Chiropractors will adjust the spine and possibly some extremities to remove interference in the nervous system to allow the body to restore proper function. This allows the person to heal from repetitive motion injuries.

Ongoing chiropractic care would be the most important thing people could do to prevent repetitive motion injuries. Chiropractic adjustments help a person to keep proper function in their nervous system which allows them the ability to adapt better to repetitive motion stresses. If a person can adapt better to those stresses, then they’re less likely to re-injure those areas of their body.

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