Dr. Scott Gardner

Dr. Scott Gardner

Since Dr. Gardner was active in sports such as football, baseball and body building, it was initially a sports injury that introduced Dr. Gardner to chiropractic. After having an amazing experience, Scott knew his calling was to be a chiropractor. He graduated with honors from Life University in 1997. Growing up in Passaic, NJ he wanted to come back home to practice.

The primary focus of Dr. Gardner’s practice has been corrective and wellness care for everyone from infants to seniors. “We love taking care of multi-generation families. It is amazing to see into the future when you have a 10 year old child and a 75 year old grandparent both under regular chiropractic care. Spinal misalignment’s (subluxations) are passed down through generations.”

Dr. Gardner always strives for perfection when it comes to patient results and patient service. He attends training seminars on a regular basis to bring the latest research and technology to the practice. He is trained in most chiropractic techniques and feels no two people are exactly alike. “It’s my responsibility to adapt to each individual’s needs.”

memberbadgeDr. Gardner is the father of two daughters and sees the benefit of chiropractic care for families on a personal level. Each stage of life puts different types of strain on the spine and nervous system.

Dr. Gardner reaches out to the community by offering free health workshops and preventative screenings to local groups and workplaces.

Dr. Gardner is focused on Leading People to Outrageously Healthy Lives.

Dr. Benjamin Rauch

Dr. Ben

Dr. Benjamin Rauch grew up in Stowe, Vermont. Following his dream of becoming a chiropractor he earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Vermont. Dr. Ben attended Life University’s College of Chiropractic where he focused on the innate geometry of the body. Using specific gentle adjustments, the proper alignment can be restored and the communication between the brain and body can be reconnected.

While in school, Dr. Ben was given the opportunity to do his outpatient clinical experience in Värnamo, Sweden. His love of traveling and spreading chiropractic to the world made this a perfect experience for him.

Dr. Ben practiced in Stowe, Vermont with his father after graduating from Life University College of Chiropractic in 2016. The practice provided the community with family, wellness based chiropractic care for over 30 years.

In his free time, Dr. Ben enjoys to hike, mountain bike, and participate in recreational sports.

Sheri, Financial Coordinator

Sheri is experienced in creating affordable financial programs to meet the needs of everyone.

Kylee, Technical Coordinator

Kylee helps with evaluations and clinical testing to measure your progress.

Jill, Financial Coordinator

Jill helps with billing and insurance questions for our patients.

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