Digital Posture Analysis

Computerized Posture Assessment

Digital postural screening is a way to evaluate the health of the spine. The computerized screening is quick and easy to do and helps determine if there are any abnormal curvature of the spine that could lead to pain, nerve damage, or spinal cord injury.

With posture analysis, chiropractic can improve slouching or forward head carriage which can strain the spine. Chiropractic care can improve hunchback, uneven hips, pelvis, scoliosis, kyphosis, and damage to the spine’s natural curvature. With correction, posture will naturally improve.

What Patients Are Saying….

I was recommended Gardner Family Chiropractic by my brother after dealing with back pain that would not go away. After a consultation and x-rays I was able to visually see what my issues were and we got right to fixing them. Even a month later I notice a huge improvement in my posture, ability to work, and overall day to day mood! Can’t recommend them enough!
Brandon P.
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