Stressed Out? See a Chiropractor

Chiropractic care helps the body fight the negative effects of stress by removing interferences in the nervous system so it can process stress.

What are the different forms of stress that can make someone feel stressed out?

Dr. Ben Rauch: There are three forms of stress that affect the human body, making someone feel stressed out. There’s physical stress, emotional stress, and then chemical stress.

What areas of the body are most affected by stress, and what are some of the common complaints, aches, or pains that people have when they feel stressed out?

Dr. Ben Rauch: The nervous system is the area of the body that is most affected by stress. Our nervous system takes in all the stress and works to process that stress. If our system cannot process the stress, then we may feel symptoms of that stress. For example, if someone is emotionally stressed, they may feel it in their shoulders, their neck, or their chest. If someone is physically stressed, they may feel it in their low back. Every single person is different and feels the effects of stress differently.

How does a chiropractic spinal adjustment work to reduce stress in the body?

Dr. Ben Rauch: So, stress in all three forms puts the nervous system into a state of sympathetic, which is also known as fight or flight. The chiropractic adjustment aids in getting the nervous system into a more parasympathetic state or a rest and digest state. This is the state where the nervous system healing can occur and the processing of that stress can occur.

If someone is in a constant state of stress, what impact can that have on their overall health?

Dr. Ben Rauch: A constant state of stress puts the body into a constant state of that sympathetic or fight or flight. And in short instances, that stress state is really important because it allows the body to release stress hormones, which gives us an incredible ability to perform acts like sprinting faster, lifting heavier, and processing information faster. But in the constant state, these stress hormones actually start to break down the body rapidly.

Can regular ongoing chiropractic care help the body fight off the negative effects of stress?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Yeah, absolutely. The use of continuous chiropractic care can help the body fight off the negative effects of stress by balancing the nervous system from that sympathetic into the parasympathetic state.

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