Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Without Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can cause a lot of pain in the hands and wrists. There are non-surgical ways to treat it and exercises people can do at home to alleviate the symptoms. We should never jump right into surgery. Sometimes surgery is necessary, but only as a last resort.

Most of the time, in cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, if the individual seeks chiropractic care first, we can do some adjustments and teach the individual specific exercises to strengthen the wrists’ supporting structures. We can also recommend night splints for sleeping. We are often able to correct the problem and avoid any kind of surgery.

Dr. Scott Gardner and the team at Gardner Family Chiropractic can be reached at (973) 614-9256 and is located at 799 Clifton Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013. 

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