Tips on Preventing Injuries

Some injuries can be prevented both in the workplace and at home just by incorporating proper posture, consistent exercise, stretching, ergonomics and chiropractic care into your lifestyle.

Let’s start by discussing why people might suffer injuries from day-to-day activities like reaching for something on a shelf or doing yard work. Could these injuries be avoided? And what are some tips that people should follow to avoid getting easily injured?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Most of the time when we see injuries like these it’s because a person has not been exercising on a regular basis, and they develop spinal imbalances that we call subluxations. These injuries can easily be avoided by consistent exercise and chiropractic care. Some tips to avoid injuries would include a couple minutes of stretching per day, regular exercise and maintenance chiropractic care.

For people who exercise and work out regularly, what are some tips they should follow to avoid getting sports-related injuries?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The keys to avoiding injuries when exercising regularly are, number one, preparing the body with a functional mobility routine that really should take just a few minutes before they exercise, which would really get all the joints warmed up. Then, number two, stretching post-exercise for a few minutes, or using a foam roller to help to relax the muscles.

What are some tips to avoid getting a repetitive motion injury from repeating the same action over and over, either while at work or while enjoying a favorite hobby?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Repetitive motion injuries can be avoided by creating balance in the muscles that are being overworked, learning how to stretch and strengthen these muscles, and learning to keep and create proper posture in all activities would really be specific to help the individual.

How can people help prevent technology-related injuries like text neck and carpal tunnel?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Unfortunately, you can’t really prevent text neck or any kind of technology-related positioning, because the amount of time that people are spending with the electronics. But posture’s really the biggest key. But there will always be so much stress on the neck, so it’s really important that people have their spines checked on a regular basis to ensure the proper health of the alignment of the spine. Then, as far as carpal tunnel syndrome, proper ergonomic set-ups in their work station would really be helpful with decreasing the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now to summarize, what tips should everyone follow to help prevent injuries?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The best tips I can give you are really to prepare the body each day with a functional mobility routine, really keeping good posture in all activities that we do from sitting to standing to even sleeping, driving, work station set-up, and stretching for a few minutes at the end of your day. And always good nutrition and maintaining a healthy nervous system with chiropractic care for optimal health and joint function.

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