The Top 3 Spinal Issues Affecting Older Americans

The three most common spinal issues affecting older Americans are: Kyphosis – A condition where the upper back gets a rounded look when looking from the side. Forward Head Posture – A spinal issue that, when looking from the side,…
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The Top 3 Benefits of Good Posture

The 3 biggest benefits of maintaining good posture throughout the day are: Decreased Pain. Good posture helps reduce headaches and decreases neck, back and shoulder pain. Increased Energy and Production. Maintaining proper posture will reduce fatigue and give you more…
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The Importance of Good Posture

Maintaining good posture has many positive effects on our overall health including increased energy, better balance, fewer aches and pains and a healthier nervous system. How does a healthy spine and good posture improve your overall health? Well, we have…
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Try This Trick to Stop Forward Head Posture

Many of the things that we do nowadays, especially with the use of technology, forces us into what we call a forward head posture. It is going to make our neck too straight and it’s going to bring our head…
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Keep Your Body Aligned

Keeping a properly aligned spine and pelvis helps the nervous system function more effectively by taking pressure off the nerves and allowing muscles to relax. Can you explain the connection between the spinal joints, the vertebrae, and the nervous system?…
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