The Top 3 Spinal Issues Affecting Older Americans

The three most common spinal issues affecting older Americans are:

  1. Kyphosis – A condition where the upper back gets a rounded look when looking from the side.
  2. Forward Head Posture – A spinal issue that, when looking from the side, the head juts forward in relation to the shoulders.
  3. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction – A condition where the joints located where the pelvis meets the spine on either side become overstretched and cause pain.

There are five key components to being healthy and preventing spinal issues. First, exercise on a regular basis, at least three times per week. Second, make good choices for the food you eat, especially avoiding processed foods. Third, be sure to get good quality sleep. Next, have a positive attitude. And finally, ensure that you have that healthy nervous system; that is what chiropractic helps with directly, which leads to better overall health and can greatly decrease spinal issues later on in life.

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