5 Keys to Living a Pain-Free Life

Here are the top five key components to living a pain-free life: 1. Exercise We encourage our patients to exercise a minimum of three times a week, for a minimum of 20 minutes each time. You should be doing a…
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The Top 3 Benefits of Good Posture

The 3 biggest benefits of maintaining good posture throughout the day are: Decreased Pain. Good posture helps reduce headaches and decreases neck, back and shoulder pain. Increased Energy and Production. Maintaining proper posture will reduce fatigue and give you more…
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6 Strategies to Alleviate Headaches

Our strategies for alleviating headaches are: Have a chiropractic evaluation to determine if subluxation is at the root of the headaches. Focus on posture building exercises and proper workstation setup. Drink plenty of water, which is half of your body…
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5 Ways Chiropractors Help You Avoid Back Pain

5 ways that chiropractors can help people avoid back pain are: Restoring the spine to its proper alignment. This takes the pressure off of the nerves and the discs. Teaching posture building exercises. Posture is really the window to our…
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5 Tips for a Pain-Free Life

The five best tips that I can give you for living a pain-free life are: 1. Exercise The number one tip for living a pain-free life really is exercise. Just find opportunities to get the body moving more. Park in…
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