5 Keys to Living a Pain-Free Life

Here are the top five key components to living a pain-free life:

1. Exercise

We encourage our patients to exercise a minimum of three times a week, for a minimum of 20 minutes each time. You should be doing a variety of different exercises. Try not to do the same thing over and over again.

2. Nutrition

Your body needs high quality fuel for high performance. If it doesn’t grow on a tree or come from the ground, avoid it. Eat a moderate amount of animal protein from different sources, moderate high-quality fats, and minimal starch.

3. Positive Attitude

Stay positive and focus on the good in life. Emotional stress can easily manifest into physical ailments.

4. Sleep

Getting good quality rest helps your body to heal from the stresses of the day.

5. Healthy Nervous System

The nervous system is the master control system of the body. It needs to function at its highest level if we want to be healthy and pain-free.  Chiropractic care helps to align the spine which protects the nervous system.

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