5 Tips for a Pain-Free Life

The five best tips that I can give you for living a pain-free life are:

1. Exercise

The number one tip for living a pain-free life really is exercise. Just find opportunities to get the body moving more. Park in a further parking spot and use the stairs.

2. Better Nutrition

Get better nutrition. We are not talking about diets. We’re really talking about choices. Avoiding as much of the processed foods you can or eliminating them altogether would be a great place to start.

3. Quality Sleep

Get good quality sleep. We know that the highest quality of sleep occurs before midnight. We know that if we just got one or two hours of sleep before midnight, it’s going to be a much better restful healing sleep.

4. Positive Attitude

Have a positive attitude. We have to choose our words carefully. The words that we use and the words that we hear tend to create what’s going on. For somebody that’s always complaining, “I feel tired, I feel sick, I feel this, I feel that.” If it’s negative, that’s what they’re going to become. Using positive words is definitely very important, “I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific.”

5. Healthy Nervous System

Have a healthy nervous system. Regular chiropractic care will keep your nervous system working at its optimal level, and in turn your entire body working at its optimal level.

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