Nutrition Affects Joint Health

A healthy diet with foods rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and dark green leafy vegetables will help reduce joint inflammation and improve your joint health. Which nutrient is the most important for joint health, and why? Dr. Scott…
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Understanding Joint Dysfunction

Joint dysfunction causes pain, swelling and in some cases, loss of motion in the joint. Chiropractors can help identify the cause of the joint pain and provide treatments and exercises to rehabilitate the joints to relieve the pain. What are the most…
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Chiropractic for Frozen Shoulder

People suffering from pain and stiffness due to frozen shoulder can find relief with chiropractic adjustments that restore the normal joint mechanics, increase the range of motion, and increase the strength of the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles. What is…
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Chiropractors Can Treat Joint Dysfunction

Chiropractic care can help someone experiencing joint dysfunction by restoring normal mobility and normal health of that joint. The main causes of joint dysfunction are overuse or repetitive use or repetitive motion syndrome. Typical symptoms would include some type of…
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Joint Dysfunction

Chiropractors treat joint pain and joint dysfunction by adjusting the joints to release pressure off the nerves and by creating specific exercise and stretching programs to help restore full range of motion in the joints. What are the most common…
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