Understanding Joint Dysfunction

Joint dysfunction causes pain, swelling and in some cases, loss of motion in the joint. Chiropractors can help identify the cause of the joint pain and provide treatments and exercises to rehabilitate the joints to relieve the pain.

What are the most common types of joint dysfunction that you treat in your practice?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The most common types of joint dysfunction I care for are spinal, shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, elbow, and ankle.

What are the main causes and symptoms of joint dysfunction?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The main causes of joint dysfunction are overuse or stress, and even more important, lack of maintenance. The symptoms are chronic pain, loss of motion and swelling.

Are there specific chiropractic treatments used to help rehabilitate the joints?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes, usually a combination of specific chiropractic adjustments and strengthening and stretching exercises to protect the surrounding soft tissue.

For a new patient experiencing joint pain, what is involved in the first chiropractic visit and what are the follow-up visits like?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The first visit starts with a conversation so I can get a good understanding of all the details and the chiropractic tests, which include orthopedic and neurological tests and x-rays if necessary. Follow up visits will focus on specific adjustments to correct the joint dysfunction and exercises to either strengthen weakened muscles or stretch tight muscles that support the joint or joints, where there is dysfunction.

Can chiropractic treatments help prevent the need for joint surgery? If not, under what conditions would someone need surgery?

Dr. Scott Gardner: In most cases the answer is yes, but there are times when there is really too much degeneration or soft tissue damage that will require surgery. And we really do our best to keep good relationships with all specialists, so when the time is necessary, we know who to refer to.

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