Improve Joint Dysfunction for a More Active Lifestyle

Chiropractors can help improve joint dysfunction through chiropractic adjustments that get the spine moving properly and restore proper nerve function so the body can function better.

What types of joint dysfunction affect the most people?

Dr. Ben Rauch: There’s a lot of different types of joint dysfunction. I would say that the type that affects the most people is restriction in the joints. So, when a joint is not moving properly, we call this improper spinal biomechanics when we look at the spine. Every joint in the spine has to move a certain way. So, when it isn’t moving properly, that’s what we as chiropractors look for.

What are the main causes of joint dysfunction?

Dr. Ben Rauch: The main causes of the joint dysfunction that I was just speaking of is stress. There’s three types of stress that we talked about. There’s physical stress, there’s mental stress, and then there’s chemical stress, all three of which can affect that joint dysfunction equally.

Can chiropractic treatments and exercises improve joint dysfunction enough to get people walking and exercising again?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Absolutely, Liz. When we look at joint dysfunction, it can affect people’s walking. It can affect people’s exercising. They might feel pain. They might not even be able to do those things that they love to do. Chiropractic treatments, with the adjustments, can get that spine moving properly, get the proper nerve function back so that everything in the body can start to function better.

Will receiving chiropractic care on a regular basis help maintain good joint function?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Yes. When a joint is not moving properly for more than 14 days, degeneration starts to set into that joint, also known as arthritis in the joints. People can get arthritis in their spine and their shoulders and their elbows. By making sure that those joints are moving properly, that they have proper biomechanics, those joints can maintain that good function.

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