Chiropractic for Frozen Shoulder

People suffering from pain and stiffness due to frozen shoulder can find relief with chiropractic adjustments that restore the normal joint mechanics, increase the range of motion, and increase the strength of the shoulder joint and surrounding muscles.

What is frozen shoulder, and what are the common symptoms of it?

Dr. Scott Gardner: So frozen shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis. It’s a condition that involves stiffness and pain in the shoulder. The symptoms usually will begin gradually and then worsen over time.

What causes frozen shoulder?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The causes are trauma to the area, overuse, or any injury including chronic tendinitis, bursitis, or even rotator cuff injury.

How do chiropractic care treatments help someone with frozen shoulder?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Chiropractic care really can help with frozen shoulder by restoring the normal joint mechanics, increasing the range of motion, and increasing the strength of the area.

Can chiropractic treatments restore full range of motion in the shoulder?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes. Chiropractic care can definitely restore full range of motion in the shoulder through specific adjustments and deep tissue work and stretching exercises.

Do you recommend exercises after treating someone for frozen shoulder?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes, definitely. There’s a system of exercises that we teach at different intervals to help restore the normal range of motion and increase strength.

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