Chiropractic Treatment Plan for Repetitive Motion Injuries

Dai Yim/ The 5 most common repetitive motion injuries that chiropractors can help with are: Tech neck or forward head posture Chronic low back pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tennis elbow Tendonitis Each one of these injuries is different. Our chiropractic…
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How Chiropractors Help People with Sciatic Pain

siam.pukkato/ We help people with sciatic pain. Sciatic pain typically radiates from the lower back, down the hamstring and into the calf area. The pain can be sharp, shooting, burning, electric or stabbing. It is caused by an irritation, inflammation,…
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Avoiding Back Surgery

Chiropractors help patients avoid back surgery by adjusting the spine to restore its proper alignment, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerves that cause back pain. For a new chiropractic patient experiencing back pain, what is the process you follow…
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