Chiropractic Treatment Plan for Repetitive Motion Injuries

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The 5 most common repetitive motion injuries that chiropractors can help with are:

  1. Tech neck or forward head posture
  2. Chronic low back pain
  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  4. Tennis elbow
  5. Tendonitis

Each one of these injuries is different. Our chiropractic approach to each one of these is unique. However, the guidelines would be similar.

We follow these 9 steps when treating repetitive motion injuries:

  1. Diagnose the injury
  2. Identify the cause of the injury
  3. Modify the activity or improve the ergonomics of the activity
  4. Perform chiropractic adjustments
  5. Stretch tight muscles
  6. Strengthen weakened muscles
  7. Work on posture building
  8. Practice home care
  9. Re-evaluate the patient

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