Physiotherapy at Gardner Family Chiropractic

At Gardner Family Chiropractic, physiotherapy is used to help correct neck and back posture. It incorporates stretching and strengthening exercises for the neck and back which helps improve range of motion and ensure proper posture.

What is physiotherapy and are there other common names for it?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Physiotherapy is specific strengthening and stretching and posture building exercises really to help support weakened areas of the spine. At our office, our main focus with it is on posture and on the spine itself. A lot of times people may refer to it as PT or physical therapy. Physiotherapy is really the exercise portion of physical therapy without the additional modalities.

What are some conditions or injuries that physiotherapy helps to improve?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Some of the common conditions that physiotherapy can help with are poor posture and the loss of the cervical or neck curve leading to what we call forward head posture. Sometimes it can be helpful following a trauma as well.

What are some examples of physiotherapy treatments performed at Gardner Family Chiropractic?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Some examples would be where we do rhomboid strengthening exercises, which are the muscles between the shoulder blades to really help pull the shoulders back without the person having to really think about it, and then we work on increasing the range of motion in the neck by doing different movements with balancing with a ball. And we do a few minutes of cervical restoration to help enhance the curve of the neck.

In what ways is physiotherapy beneficial to someone without an injury who just wants to get in better shape and stay healthy?

Dr. Scott Gardner: So anytime a person can strengthen weakened muscles or stretch tight muscles, they will always be better off. We’re always doing our best to teach our patients really specific exercises for them to do at home that really only take a couple minutes out of the day and they really can do anywhere, anytime.

If someone has never been treated with physiotherapy, what can they expect during the first few visits?

Dr. Scott Gardner: We try to do our best to take it very slow. Just like with any exercise program, there may be some initial soreness. We go very step by step with making the process as individualized for each person’s specific needs.

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