What Causes Pinched Nerves?

Pinched nerves can occur throughout the body and can be painful and irritating. A chiropractor can help identify the cause of the nerve irritation, get the bones back in alignment, and remove the pressure on the nerves.

When people say they pinched a nerve, what actually is happening in their body?

Dr. Scott Gardner: So usually they’re referring to their spine. It can occur in the neck, the upper and the middle back and the lower back. In chiropractic, we actually call a pinched nerve a subluxation. That’s where one or more bones are out of the normal alignment, which impinges upon the nerves. This can result in pain, weakness, numbness, or even a combination of all three.

Can nerves get pinched anywhere in your body? Are some areas more susceptible?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Pinched nerves can really happen anywhere. But they most commonly occur in the spine, the lower back, most common, and then followed closely by the neck.

Does repetitive motion from work or sports cause pinched nerves?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Pinched nerves or subluxation can result from contact sports, which for most people that makes a lot of sense. There’s a collision, there’s contact. But this can happen with a person that spends hours a day on the computer, the phone, or even something like gaming. Over time, the person can develop what we call a forward head posture, where the head is starting to jet out as their normal posture, even though it’s not normal, which really can cause a lot of pressure on the nerves and the neck.

Are there any treatments to alleviate the pain and discomfort of a pinched nerve?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes, chiropractic care, especially corrective care can get the spine back into the normal alignment over time. When the spine is in normal alignment, the pressure will be taken off of the nerves.

Will a pinched the nerve resolve on its own, or will there be a recurring problem?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Usually they don’t resolve on their own. The person may find that the pain is better, may even be better for an extended period of time. And then all of a sudden, for no reason, it starts to maybe come back again and then it goes away and then it comes back again. Over time they find that the episodes begin to last longer, are maybe even more severe in intensity and are happening more frequently.

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