The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps to improve posture and overall body function by strengthening weakened muscles needed to support good posture and healthy spinal alignment.

What is physiotherapy and how is it different than physical therapy?

Dr. Scott Gardner Physiotherapy and physical therapy both use hands-on techniques to improve the body’s condition. Our portion of physiotherapy that we focus on is really to strengthen weakened muscles and stretch tight muscles to create normal posture.

How can physiotherapy help someone improve their posture?

Dr. Scott Gardner Physiotherapy helps to improve posture by helping to retrain the postural muscles to support the new healthy spinal alignment that we are creating with your corrective chiropractic care.

What other conditions or injuries respond well to physiotherapy treatments?

Dr. Scott Gardner Posture-building exercises along with the spinal traction Dennerolls we use are part of physiotherapy. This can also help with low back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, neck pain, and tech neck.

Can people use physiotherapy as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of injury?

Dr. Scott Gardner Yes. Physiotherapy are the specific exercises, stretches and traction that we teach our patients. When used on a regular basis it can help along with regular chiropractic adjustments to really reduce the risk of injury and poor posture.

If someone has never been treated with physiotherapy, what can they expect during their first few visits?

Dr. Scott Gardner We use physiotherapy to focus on posture-building exercises. So just like any other form of exercise, there may be some initial soreness similar to starting any other exercise program. Since you’re using your body in a way that you’re just not used to, it takes a little bit to acclimate to that.

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