Avoiding Back Surgery

Chiropractors help patients avoid back surgery by adjusting the spine to restore its proper alignment, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerves that cause back pain. For a new chiropractic patient experiencing back pain, what is the process you follow…
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Chiropractors Can Treat Joint Dysfunction

Chiropractic care can help someone experiencing joint dysfunction by restoring normal mobility and normal health of that joint. The main causes of joint dysfunction are overuse or repetitive use or repetitive motion syndrome. Typical symptoms would include some type of…
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Chiropractic and Repetitive Movement Injuries

Injuries that we see very often caused by repetitive movement are carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic neck pain or ‘text neck’ and also chronic lower back pain. The best way to prevent these types of injuries is to make sure that…
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Avoid Repetitive Movement Injuries

Be proactive to avoid repetitive movement injuries.  This type of injury can affect people of all walks of life – not just athletes. Keep posture in check, have proper workstation ergonomics, and incorporate both strength building & recovery into workout…
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