Knee Pain Relief Without Meds

Chiropractors can help relieve knee pain naturally by adjusting the joint to increase the range of motion and by providing strengthening and stretching exercises.

Could you categorize the different types of knee pain that people experience?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes. The different types of knee pain are muscular, ligamentous, tendonous, cartilaginous, and joint.

What are the most common causes of knee pain?

Dr. Scott Gardner: There are really two common causes. Number one is traumatic where there’s some type of direct injury to the area and the second is more of an overuse, where it’s a repetitive wear and tear to the area over time.

How does a chiropractor help determine the best way to treat knee pain?

Dr. Scott Gardner: We can determine the best way to treat knee pain very similar to the way an orthopedist would. We will do a series of orthopedic tests to evaluate where the pain is originating, and we may take an X-Ray or may even refer for an MRI.

Can knee pain be relieved with natural treatments without medicine?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes, we have great success with relieving knee pain without medication. A lot of times, we adjust the joint and increase the range of motion. That can provide immediate help for the individual, sometimes we may also recommend different supplements for joint support and add in some strengthening and some stretching exercises

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