5 Tips for a Healthy Spine


The 5 most important tips you should follow to keep your spine healthy are:

  1. Focus on your posture especially where you spend most of your time. Sleeping posture and work posture would be the two places to start with. Proper posture helps to keep nerves and blood vessels healthy, and it supports muscles, ligaments, and tendons. People who have good posture are less likely to experience back or neck problems.
  2. Exercise on a regular basis. Take regular walks and keep your body in motion.
  3. Stretch every day. Practicing yoga is a great way to stretch all your muscles but just doing some simple stretches on your own will help.
  4. Stay away from foods that increase inflammation such as chips, soda, and fried food.
  5. Get regular chiropractic care to help your body handle the stresses of daily life. Stress causes muscles to tighten and shift the spine out of the normal alignment, creating pressure on the nerves. That’s what we call a subluxation. Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to locate and correct these subluxations.

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