The Top 5 Health Resolutions for 2021

The top five health resolutions for 2021 are:

1. Exercise – Create a consistent exercise program. Keep it simple and consistent. Just get moving, get outside, go for walks or a bike ride, or search online for a good home exercise program.

2. Nutrition – Eat a healthy diet full of good quality nutrition. Kickstart nutrition by eating clean and healthy without any processed foods six days per week and have one cheat day.

3. Positive Attitude – Maintain a positive mental attitude. The words that we use and the words that we hear tend to create what is going on in our mind and body. It’s important to use positive words and affirmations such as, “I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific”.

4. Sleep – Get good quality sleep. The highest quality of sleep occurs before midnight. Getting just one or two hours of sleep before midnight can result in much better, restful, and healing sleep.

5. Healthy Nervous System – Sustain a healthy nervous system. Chiropractic care focuses on strengthening the nervous system, which is the master control system for the entire body. The healthier the nervous system is, the healthier all the other systems will be.

Each one of these health resolutions independently is a great thing but it’s really when you add all five of them together that you get the most benefit.

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