Wellness for All Ages

There are many ways to achieve wellness at any age. Getting proper sleep, nutrition and exercise is important at all stages of life. It is never too late to improve your overall wellness. How can chiropractic care help people of…
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Nutrition Affects Joint Health

A healthy diet with foods rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and dark green leafy vegetables will help reduce joint inflammation and improve your joint health. Which nutrient is the most important for joint health, and why? Dr. Scott…
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5 Tips for a Pain-Free Life

The five best tips that I can give you for living a pain-free life are: 1. Exercise The number one tip for living a pain-free life really is exercise. Just find opportunities to get the body moving more. Park in…
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Tips for Living a Pain-Free Life

There are ways to prepare your body to live a pain-free life. The most important tip to follow is to keep your spine aligned with chiropractic adjustments that will allow your nervous system to function properly. Exercising, eating healthy foods,…
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Health Resolutions for 2017

If your New Year resolution was to be healthier it should include these¬†5 factors: exercise, good nutrition, quality rest, a positive attitude and a healthy nervous system achieved through chiropractic care. New Year Resolutions usually include lose weight, exercise and…
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