Tips for Living a Pain-Free Life

There are ways to prepare your body to live a pain-free life. The most important tip to follow is to keep your spine aligned with chiropractic adjustments that will allow your nervous system to function properly. Exercising, eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, having a positive attitude and maintaining proper posture are other ways to stay healthy and pain-free.

How can chiropractic care help people get in the best shape to avoid pain and injury?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Well, one of my favorite sayings is “structure determines function.” So, the better the alignment the spine has, the better the nervous system will function. We know that the nervous system is the master control system of the body. So, if we want a pain-free life, it is vital that we have really five key factors in place to being healthy.

We talked about number one already having that healthy nervous system. Number two is exercise. Number three is proper nutrition. Number four is having a good positive attitude and the fifth is getting good quality rest.

What role does diet and nutrition have in living a pain-free life?

Dr. Scott Gardner: They both play a vital role in living a pain-free life with exercise. And we really want to shoot for at least three times per week for a minimum of 20 minutes. This will help to increase strength, increase flexibility, and maintain bone density. And with nutrition, it’s really the fuel that we put in our body. So, the better you want the engine to run, the better the quality of the fuel has to be. Most important isn’t necessarily diet, but it really is eliminating or reducing as much of the processed foods as possible. So, simple rule is if it doesn’t come from the ground or grow on a tree, just don’t eat it.

We know exercise helps keep you in shape, but can it also prevent painful conditions from developing?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes. Another one of my favorite quotes is “life is motion and motion is life.” So, the more our bodies move, the better our bodies will work for us. Think about it like a car. If you let a car just sit there over time, it’s going to get rusty. It’s not going to move or run as well. And the same thing is true for our body. Again, the more we use our bodies, actually, the better they will work for us. And actually, the less pain we’ll have because of that.

If we focus on maintaining proper posture every day, will that help us live a pain-free life?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes. Focusing on proper posture, whether it’s sitting, standing, sleeping, or using technology, is one of the most important things that we can do to help live a pain-free life. One of quotes that you’ll see in our offices is “posture is a window to our spine,” and then we know that our spine is really the avenue to the nervous system. And our nervous system again, is what is really the control system for the whole body.

I believe the better our posture is, the less stress and strain on the different joints, the better our bodies are going to work for us.

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