Show Your Spine Some Love

Having a healthy spine will make your body function better and improve your overall health and wellness. It is important to practice good posture and see a chiropractor to get your spinal alignment checked and adjusted.

Self-care has been a trending subject for a few years now. Why should people add chiropractic care to their list of priorities for improving their self-care?

Dr. Ben Rauch: That’s a great question, Liz. I think that chiropractic should be on the top of everybody’s priorities as far as self-care, because chiropractic care addresses the function of the nervous system. Our spine and our spinal cord are housed in our back there. What chiropractic does is it looks at the spine and it makes sure that those systems are functioning at their best. When your nervous system is functioning at its best, the rest of the body has the best chance at functioning at its best as well.

How does posture affect the spine, and what can people do to improve their posture?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Posture affects the spine in both good ways and bad ways. You can have good posture or bad posture. We say that posture is the external window to the spine, so it shows us how that spine could be aligned. Now, when you have bad posture, for example, if your head is sitting far forward from, comparatively to your shoulders, that shows us that maybe that neck has either straightened out, or it’s come too far forward and is maybe creating tension on the nerves in that part of the spine.

People can definitely improve their posture by focusing and being aware of it. Just like any other muscle in our body, it needs to be trained and worked if we want it to be strong. If we want to have good strong posture, it needs to be trained and worked as well.

Why should people invest in a good mattress and pillow?

Dr. Ben Rauch: A good mattress and pillow is definitely subjective. Some people like firm mattresses, some people like soft mattresses. Some people like firm pillows, some people like soft pillows. But, making sure that you have a good mattress and a pillow that work best for you is really important because we spend so much of our lives sleeping and in that position, which can definitely affect that posture, which can also affect the spine.

Will regular exercise and stretching improve the health of the spine?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Absolutely, Liz. Regular exercise and stretching is so important because it helps those muscles that control the posture that surround the spine. Making sure those muscles get good exercise, making sure that they get strong so that they can hold us in a good posture daily so that we don’t have to think about it, is really important.

What are some other ways people can start to take care of their spine?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Another way that people can take care of their spine is definitely through chiropractic care. If you’re unable to see a chiropractor, make sure that you do sit in a good posture, you do sleep in a good position to make sure that you’re putting less stresses on your spine.

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