Chiropractic for the Athlete

Chiropractors work with athletes to adjust their spine which results in a healthier nervous system, better posture and joint function. When an athlete’s body is functioning at it’s best, they will be stronger and have the ability to perform better.

For an athlete new to chiropractic care, what is the first visit like?

Dr. Scott Gardner: On the first visit, we will do our investigating. We’ll ask a series of questions to understand exactly why the person came to see us. Then we will do our evaluation which focuses on posture, especially because we know that posture is the window to the spine and the spine is the window to health. We do a computerized thermographic scan so we can measure how the nervous system is working and any necessary x-rays.

Can you explain the link between a healthy spine and sports performance?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes. We know that the nervous system is the most important system in the body. It runs every single organ and controls every muscle in the body. The spine protects the nervous system. It gives us our foundation for balance and movement.

Can chiropractic care actually help prevent injuries?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes, it can. The better the structure of our spine, the better our posture will be and then the better our nervous system will function and ultimately, the stronger the individual will be.

If an athlete does get injured, will chiropractic care help rehabilitate them faster?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Absolutely. Depending on the injury, many people aren’t aware that we can not only help with the spine but really any of the joints. If there’s any kind of strain or sprain to an ankle, a knee, a shoulder, an elbow or even a wrist, we can also do muscular work as well.

What other services or treatments can chiropractors provide to help athletes?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Corrective chiropractic care should always be the primary focus so that we’re creating an optimally functioning spine and nervous system. We can also work on finding any muscular imbalances and then creating a program to strengthen them. Ultimately, we then get to create the highest level of athletic performance for that individual.

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