Chiropractic for Children

Chiropractors work with children from infancy through adolescence and adulthood. Chiropractic care ensures that the spine and nervous system are in alignment to promote optimal body function, growth and development through all stages of life.

Why would an infant need chiropractic care?

Dr. Scott Gardner: There are several reasons. Number one, in-utero constraint. That’s where the positioning of the baby in-utero can cause an unhealthy position that really does create a lot of stress on the spine, but especially on the neck. A lot of times that can lead to the child being born with a condition called torticollis.

Secondly, the delivery process itself, even though the doctor, or the midwife may be using the least amount of force, there’s still going to be a pull on the spine, again especially the neck.

Can you describe the type of chiropractic adjustment, or treatment babies receive?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes, the adjustments that we do on infants are so different than on an adult. There’s no bending or twisting of the spine. We use a very gentle pressure either by hand, or with an instrument to create the proper alignment. We also, in some cases, we use some passive stretching to create symmetry or balance in the muscles from side to side.

Most kids are hunched over devices these days. Can a chiropractor help with kids’ posture?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The answer is yes. The amount of forward head posture in adults, but especially in children, is really at an all time high. They actually have officially given a diagnosis to that posture. They call it ‘text neck.’

Through specific chiropractic adjustments and posture building exercises, we really do have the ability to improve and, in most cases, eliminate that forward head posture.

How can young athletes benefit from chiropractic care?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Young athletes really can benefit from chiropractic care in a few ways. Number one, the better the nervous system works, the better our muscular system is going to work. For any athlete, optimal performance is always the goal. Chiropractic sets the body up to perform really at its highest level, also, in the recovery process.

We train really hard. The young athletes train really hard, but now there has to be a great ability to recover. The physical stress through training really does put a wear and tear on the nervous system, but the better our nervous system is working, the stronger the person’s recovery is going to be.

Really when I think of chiropractic and athletes, I think of Emmett Smith and when he broke Walter Payton’s all time rushing record and he was interviewed. He said, “I want to thank three people, God, my mom, and my chiropractor.”

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