5 Benefits of Maintaining Good Flexibility

Five benefits of good flexibility are: 1. Less Pain – Lack of flexibility can contribute to back and neck pain and muscle pain. Increasing your flexibility by regularly stretching can help alleviate pain. 2. Greater Strength – It’s easier to…
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Flexibility…Do I Really Need It?

Flexibility is a key component of building muscle strength, improving balance and increasing range of motion in the joints. The more flexible you are, the quicker your body can change position and the better able you are to avoid injury.…
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3 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Flexibility

We need to maintain flexibility as we age to help avoid injuries and to help maintain and perhaps even increase balance. 3 ways to maintain flexibility are: Get your body moving as much as you can. Stop being a couch…
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The Importance of Flexibility as We Age

It is important to maintain flexibility and range of motion as we age so that our bodies can react to stress and avoid injury. Drinking water, exercising, moving and stretching are all ways to stay flexible. As we age, we’re…
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