5 Benefits of Maintaining Good Flexibility

Five benefits of good flexibility are:

1. Less Pain – Lack of flexibility can contribute to back and neck pain and muscle pain. Increasing your flexibility by regularly stretching can help alleviate pain.

2. Greater Strength – It’s easier to gain muscle strength if a person has good flexibility. The more flexible a person, the less chance they have of straining or pulling a muscle when trying to increase strength.

3. Improved Balance – The more stretch the muscles have, the greater the range of motion of the joints and the better balance one has.

4. Handle More Physical Stress – When a person has good flexibility their muscles are more relaxed and can relax more easily when faced with physical stress.

5. Improved Overall Body Movement – The more flexible a person is, the quicker the body can react to sudden changes in position and the better overall body movement they have.

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