Automobile Accident Aftercare

Anyone involved in an auto accident should be checked by a chiropractor regardless of whether or not they are feeling pain. Early detection of whiplash, soft tissue injuries or spinal misalignment is key to preventing a lifetime of pain from untreated injuries.

If there are no obvious injuries, why should people seek medical attention immediately after being involved in an auto accident?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Well, when there’s an auto accident at just five miles per hour, the head could whiplash back and forth within just one second. Sometimes there may not be any pain for days, weeks, or even months. So, it’s really important to get checked right away. Early detection is always going to be key to helping.

What are some symptoms that should never be ignored after an auto accident?

Dr. Scott Gardner: So, some symptoms that should never be ignored are headaches, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, neck pain, back pain, rib pain, and chest pain.

Should auto accident victims see a chiropractor after going to the emergency room or seeing a medical doctor? What would the chiropractor find that a medical facility might have missed?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes, so the medical facility is more focused on fractures and dislocations. The chiropractors are focused on fractures and dislocations, as well. However, we’re also looking for proper spinal alignment and any soft tissue injuries, which left untreated could lead to a lifetime of unnecessary pain and suffering.

How much time is involved in a typical chiropractic treatment plan for someone suffering whiplash or other common auto accident injuries?

Dr. Scott Gardner: In our office, our treatment plans are really individualized. After an automobile accident, it could range anywhere from as little as maybe one month to as much as maybe six months. It’s all depending on the severity of the injuries.

Will auto insurance companies pay for medical treatments after an accident if a claim is filed?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Typically, yes, but every situation is different, so we always make sure we get pre-authorization prior to administering any care.

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