What Can Your Headache Be Telling You?

Chiropractic care helps relieve various types of headaches by aligning the spine and allowing proper nerve function.

What are the types of the most common headaches?

Dr. Scott Gardner: There are a few. The few that most people are familiar with is probably migraine, tension, allergy or sinus and menstrual.

How does someone know what type of headache they have?

Dr. Scott Gardner: There are usually different symptoms and locations associated with these different headaches. Usually with a migraine type headache the person will have what we call an aura, where people will see a halo or a fuzziness around lights. They may even have an altered sense of smell to stuff that other people do not. It is usually a sweet kind of smell that nobody else smells except them.

With tension headaches, usually the person will complain of pain in their neck or back first and then they have a headache. Usually with an allergy/sinus headache the person may also have pain in their neck but now the pressure is felt behind the eyes, under the eyes, or in the forehead area. Usually with menstrual types of headaches they usually are consistent around a certain time of the female cycle.

What are the most common causes of headaches?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The most common causes of headaches are usually stress, poor posture which leads to misalignment or what we call subluxation of the spine, and also nutrition can be a big part of that as well.

Lastly, how can chiropractic care help relieve headaches?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Chiropractic care helps to relieve headaches by creating the proper alignment to the spine, especially in the upper part of the neck. Also, one of the best benefits of chiropractic care is strengthening the body so the individual really can handle the stresses of daily living that much better. Creating that proper alignment to the spine allows the nerve supply to go to different muscles at the right amount.

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