The Myth About Back Cracking

The biggest myth that I know about chiropractic is the myth that the cracking sound when you get adjusted is the sound of the bones actually grinding together. In reality, this is not true. When you hear those pops and those cracks, there is a very scientific process that is happening.

Surrounding every single joint, not only the joints of the spine, is synovial fluid. That fluid lubricates and nourishes every joint. When you get movement of the spine, there are air bubbles in that fluid that actually escape from the fluid, which makes that popping or that cracking sound.

That is why you can also get those same pop or crack sounds out of pretty much every joint in your body, from your knees to your hips or to your ankles. That’s why it sounds like a cracking. It is actually just air moving out of that fluid, like a pop.

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