The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Senior Citizens

Fewer aches and pains, better balance and coordination, and increased energy are just some of the health benefits senior citizens receive from gentle chiropractic care.

For a senior citizen who has never seen a chiropractor, what should they expect to happen during the first few visits?

Dr. Scott Gardner: For a senior citizen who’s never been to a chiropractor, we start with a thorough examination and usually x-rays to assess their need for chiropractic care. Once we determine their need, we start with very light force adjustments with an instrument and a special table over the first few adjustments.

Are there specific chiropractic treatments for senior citizens that might be gentler?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes. So, depending on the person’s needs, we may use a combination of light force techniques or we may concentrate on handheld instruments, so there’s really very, very light pressure and there’s no twisting in any way.

Many senior citizens suffer from aches and pains. What type of pain can chiropractic care help alleviate for them?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The most common symptoms we hear from our senior patients are back pain, hip or leg pain, neck pain, difficulty with balance, fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

Senior citizens are more at risk of falling and breaking their hip or other bones. Can chiropractic treatments help seniors with balance and coordination to help prevent falls?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Yes. By making sure the pelvis is level, then teaching the person specific exercises to strengthen their lower body really can improve their balance and coordination.

What are the overall benefits you see in seniors who receive chiropractic care?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The overall benefits a senior can see from regular chiropractic care are less or no aches and pains, better quality sleep, boost in immune function, better balance and coordination, and an increase in energy.

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