Seasonal Allergies Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Seasonal allergies seem to benefit the most from chiropractic care. Seasonal allergies are really the body’s inability to adapt to the environment.

We know that the purpose of the nervous system is to control and to coordinate every cell, tissue and organ in the body, and to adapt the body to the environment. The stronger and healthier the nervous system is, the stronger the immune system is going to be. The opposite is also true. The weaker the nervous system, the weaker the immune system will be. Chiropractic care helps to strengthen the nervous system so it really can adapt better and better to the environment.

The more optimally we get the nervous system working, the better a person’s body will function. Our patients tell us on a regular basis how they are taking less, or even no allergy medications, once we really start getting that nervous system working better.

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