Meet Dr. Ben

Chiropractor Dr. Ben Rauch has joined Dr. Scott Gardner and the team at Gardner Family Chiropractic where they provide quality chiropractic care focused on helping the body function at its best.

Could you tell us a little about why you wanted to become a chiropractor and your journey to becoming one?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Absolutely. So, my journey to becoming a chiropractor, I knew I wanted to be a chiropractor ever since I was a little kid. My father is a chiropractor and, although he never pushed me to become a chiropractor, I always wanted to be just like him. And as I got older, seeing how passionate he was and how many people he was able to help, I just knew it was exactly what I wanted to do.

How long have you been practicing chiropractic care?

Dr. Ben Rauch: I graduated in 2016 from chiropractic school so I’ve been practicing for five years. And right out of school I was able to work with my father while my wife was actually finishing up chiropractic school as well. And then, in 2019, we made the move down to New Jersey where we actually started our own mobile business. Then I ended up joining Gardner Family Chiropractic.

Do you have a special focus, or a favorite treatment method you perform here at Gardner Family Chiropractic?

Dr. Ben Rauch: I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite treatment method. We definitely have a special focus here at Gardner Family Chiropractic, and that is removing subluxations from the spine to help the body function better.

Are there any other therapies or services you provide that you would like to discuss?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Our main focus and all of our services revolve around removing those subluxations from the spine, by restoring people’s posture and by teaching them about good posture building exercises, we can help to reduce some of those stresses that cause the subluxations in the first place so people can live happier, healthier lives. So, everything that we really do is revolved around removing those subluxations in the spine.

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