Do You Suffer From Tech Neck?

You could be suffering from tech neck if you have bad posture and have neck pain or upper back pain. A chiropractor can evaluate you, help you correct the issue and recommend ways to improve your posture.

Could you please start us off by explaining what the term “tech neck” means?

Tech neck is a term given to a person who suffers with neck pain, upper back pain or even headaches directly related to using technology.

What causes someone to develop tech neck?

Tech neck is caused by poor workstation setup that leads to a forward head posture and ultimately causing a straightening of the neck. It doesn’t have to just be the workstation setup. It could be a person that spends a tremendous amount of time looking down at their cell phone. It could be a person that spends a tremendous amount of time gaming, even somebody that’s reading for hours and hours at a time.

Anything that puts the head in that forward head position or forward head posture for an extended period of time ultimately can lead to a straightening of that neck.

Can tech neck be corrected? If yes, what is the process like for someone going through it?

Yes, through corrective chiropractic care, we can, over time, restore the normal curve. There are several steps involved.

Number one is to do an examination, especially a posture examination, and X-rays to confirm that it is in fact tech neck due to a loss of the normal curve in the neck.

The second is to evaluate the person’s workstation setup and make any necessary changes.

The third is to begin the corrective chiropractic care process.

The fourth is giving very specific posture building exercises so that we can strengthen and stretch specific muscles that are being affected because of that forward head posture.

And the fifth is really adding in some cervical restoration. When done correctly, we have an extremely high success rate with correcting tech neck or forward head posture.

What happens if tech neck is ignored? What long-term damage can it do to a person?

Just like any other health issue, it will worsen over time if it is ignored and the symptoms will become more intense. The long-term effects are continuing the loss of the normal curve, which can lead to an accelerated degenerative, arthritic process.

What should people do to avoid getting tech neck?

The first step is going to the chiropractor to have their posture and spine evaluated. Then we can analyze their workstation setup and make any necessary changes. The Golden Rule is early detection is the key to correction.

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