Chiropractic Care for Injury Prevention

People who are under chiropractic care are at less risk for injury because chiropractors improve overall nerve function which allows for optimal body function.

Let’s start by explaining what chiropractic care involves, especially for someone who has never seen a chiropractor.

Dr. Ben Rauch: That’s a great question, Liz. So many people come in to us never seeing chiropractors before. So, what that would involve for them is we need to do a thorough physical exam to see if chiropractic care is the right choice of care for them. So generally speaking, what we’ll do is, we will do an exam, a consultation, a history, and then if needed, we’ll do further examination. We’ll examine their posture. We’ll possibly take some x-rays to see, again, if chiropractic care is the best route or option for them.

How does chiropractic care help get the body in the best physical condition?

Dr. Ben Rauch: As chiropractors, what we do is, we adjust the spine. We look for misalignments in the spine, fixations in the spine called vertebral subluxations and by adjusting those subluxations, the body is able to get better nerve function to everything. So, the muscles, all of the joints, everything that we do as a function is then able to function better.

Does chiropractic care help prepare joints for athletic activities so there is less risk for injury?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Yes, absolutely. When we talk about joints in the body and we talk about improper biomechanics or fixated joints, when they’re not moving properly, you are at more risk for injury. So, by analyzing all these joints, especially in the spine, making sure that these joints are moving properly, the nerves coming from these joints are functioning properly, you’re able to function better and have less risk of injury.

How does proper posture help prevent injuries and can a chiropractor help improve it?

Dr. Ben Rauch: A chiropractor can absolutely help proper posture. Proper posture is so important because our posture is our external window to our spine. It shows us how that spine could be aligned. Improper posture also puts unnecessary stresses on the joints. So, when we talk about the joint and if it’s fixated or stuck, and then we talk about our posture, how the muscles could be making it worse or pulling it out of alignment, then by correcting that posture you’ll have less risk of injury.

Can chiropractic care help prevent overuse injuries in workers or athletes?

Dr. Ben Rauch: Chiropractic care can help prevent these things. Obviously, overuse injuries can still occur in athletes and workers even if they are under chiropractic care, but one of the great benefits is that people who are under constant chiropractic care, continuous care, have less risk for injury. And if they do get injured, they have a faster recovery time.

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