Can Chiropractic Help My Knee Pain?

Chiropractors will thoroughly evaluate knee pain to find the source of the pain or injury and help alleviate the pain using chiropractic treatments and exercises.

Why should knee pain not be ignored even if it seems to be minor?

Dr. Scott Gardner: I don’t believe any pain should be ignored. That’s your body telling you something is wrong. No difference than ignoring a check engine light in your car. However, that could mean that there’s a small problem or a big problem. It really needs a thorough investigation.

Could you describe the most common knee injuries and type of knee pain people have?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The most common knee injuries are overuse or repetitive syndrome, meniscus tears, sprains, strains, even things like fractures or dislocations. And the pain could be sharp, dull, achy or tender. Really a proper evaluation is necessary to determine the diagnosis.

For someone experiencing knee pain, who has never been to a chiropractor, what should they expect during their first visit?

Dr. Scott Gardner: The first visit to our office consists of a history of traumas, a history of the injury, a visual inspection, a chiropractic exam including orthopedic and neurological testing and possibly x-ray. We do a very thorough investigation to identify the injury and if chiropractic would be the right course of action, or if we would need to refer it to another type of healthcare provider.

What type of chiropractic treatments and therapies help alleviate knee pain?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Depending on the specific injury, our care may include a chiropractic adjustment, stretching, strengthening exercises, and even balance exercises.

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