Can Chiropractic Care Support Mental Health?

Chiropractors can improve mental health by removing pressure on the nerves that block proper communication between the body and the brain. Chiropractors also work with patients to encourage exercise, healthy sleep habits and proper nutrition which all lead to better overall physical and mental health.

Mental health awareness is spreading in the US and it’s a topic that is now more openly discussed. In your experience as a chiropractor, can you describe some of the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression that people experience?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety or depression are digestive trouble, headaches, difficulty sleeping, muscle tension or pain, including neck and/or back pain.

How can chiropractic care help alleviate some of these symptoms of anxiety or depression, such as aches and pains?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Chiropractic adjustments can alleviate aches and pains by creating a proper communication from the brain to the body, which will help to really decrease or eliminate the muscle tension or pain.

Please explain the effect a chiropractic adjustment has on how the brain and body functions and how an adjustment can benefit our mental health.

Dr. Scott Gardner: When the bones of the spine are misaligned, creating pressure on a nerve, we call that subluxation. It’s like being on the phone and having a bad connection. You could hear the other person, but it’s not clear. It’s very similar in our body. By adjusting the spine, we can restore a proper communication from the brain to the body, which will lead to optimal function.

Many people have trouble sleeping. How might chiropractic treatments help people relax and achieve better sleep?

Dr. Scott Gardner: By getting chiropractic adjustments regularly, the body will handle the stresses of daily living better, which will lead to a more relaxed version of the individual. The more relaxed the person, typically the better we sleep.

In what other ways can holistic chiropractic care benefit our mental health?

Dr. Scott Gardner: Holistic chiropractic care in our office focuses on implementing or improving the five key factors to being healthy. Number one is encouraging regular exercise. Two is advising on better choices for nutrition. Three is positive attitude. Four is good quality rest. Five is having a healthy nervous system.

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