5 Ways Employers Can Maintain a Healthy Work Environment

The top 5 things employers can do to maintain a healthy work environment would be:

  1. Implement a 5-Minute Stretching Program: Before each individual starts their day implement a five minute stretching program. Whether you’re sitting at a computer all day, or whether it’s lifting heavy items, everyone should stretch.
  2. Get Up and Move: For the people that are sitting, having them get up and move around every hour or so, instead of sitting all day.
  3. Use Stand-Up Desks: Going to stand-up desks would be also a great benefit.
  4. Have a Workstation Checklist: Create a workstation checklist that people can use to make sure that their specific area is set up correctly for them. It would be like getting in a car and never driving it before, and just getting in and driving it. No, you have to set the seat the right way, the mirrors the right way, so that it fits you. That’s the same way the workstation needs to be.
  5. Do Posture Checks: Teach the employees how to do posture checks, so that you can keep an eye on people that you work with. Something that’s really simple is to take a Post-it and write POSTURE on it; just put it on the monitor so it reminds you each day, or several times throughout the day, to check your posture.

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