3 Ways to Help Children Avoid Getting Tech Neck

The 3 main ways parents can help children avoid getting tech neck while using their mobile devices are:

1.  Hold the Device Properly

Teach children how to hold the device up in front of them instead of looking down at it. When looking down, the head is in that forward position, which ultimately is going to cause a loss of that normal curve.

2.  Do Posture-Building Exercises

Add in just one or two posture-building exercises daily. This will just take a couple of minutes out of their day, so it is really not any different than brushing their teeth or flossing. One or two posture-building exercises can definitely pay dividends in protecting the health of the spine and nervous system.

3.  Get Their Spine Checked

Get their spine checked regularly by a chiropractor. Regular spine checks can really help to avoid tech neck altogether. No matter how perfect we try to be, there’s still going to be stress on the spine that needs to be dealt with. It is very similar to the person that does brush their teeth and floss consistently; they still need to go to the dentist so that proper prevention can help avoid crisis situations.

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